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Check out this beautiful vacation home by Scott Thiel Builders!

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“I am pleased to provide a resoundingly strong recommendation for Scott Thiel Builders. We live in Chicago and our home in Oostburg was the first house we had ever built from scratch. We were unable to visit often during construction, so in our way of thinking, we and Scott built this house together via email. Due to the distance, we frequently relied on Scott’s judgment for major decisions, and as a testament to his integrity and sound thinking, we were pleased in every way. My wife had envisioned some specific design concepts and Scott was able to implement them from afar without
ever trying to dissuade her because what she wanted might have been more complicated for him. As far as service after the sale, Scott’s customer service has not decreased one bit; in fact, it may have even improved. He continues to react immediately whenever an issue arises from a repair/maintenance standpoint, as do his subcontractors. Most times, when I call him with a concern about something at our house, Scott’s response is, “I’ll stop by your house today and take a look myself.” That’s comforting when you live in another state. I would be pleased to speak to anyone directly about Scott Thiel Builders.”

David & Laura Stone

“We met Scott and Debbie Thiel in 2005 in regarding major remodeling of our home in Sheboygan. In addition to that project, Scott has completed several projects for us over the following years. Each and every project has been completed in a timely fashion to our complete satisfaction, and the projects are always completed within the budget allowed. His work is of the highest caliber, and he goes above and beyond to keep our home in excellent condition. Should any problems arise, he immediately steps in to correct and repair the issues, which is a huge help to us, as we do not live onsite year round. Scott Thiel Builders should be the first call for any project you are considering!”

Chris & Penny Minnick