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Check out this beautiful vacation home by Scott Thiel Builders!

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The attention to detail is one of Scott Thiel Builders main objective!


New Home

Whether you have your dream land or are looking for land to build your next dream home, we are here to help you in every step of the process. We have several close relationships with realtors who have pieces of land that may just spark your interest along with an excellent relationship with an architect who will provide a reality of what your dream house will look like. From that point on, it is our job to start creating a masterpiece that fulfills your expectation and beyond.

Additions & Remodeling

Are you looking to add on to your existing home or do some freshening up and remodel some area? We strive to achieve excellence on all projects but remodeling is another superior trait we can offer as we love to create a new look you thought your house would never have and spice things up for years to come. We understand that building a new home may not be in the budget all the time and that is why we reach out to help provide a new look for an affordable price.

Historic Renovations

Do you have an original built, historic home or building that you would like to restore and bring back to life? We can provide you that service which we recently started offering and we love these types of projects. Our quality craftsmen get to showcase you their exceptional skills as they take your old home and restore it to a brand new historic feel. Woodworking elegance and quality are just words until you see the beauty of what we can provide with our historic renovation services.

Specialty Projects

Have you ever flipped through a catalog or visited a different country and saw something you absolutely adore and would like to bring that into your home or property? We love to create that reality and work with you to build something you always wanted that you can showcase at your home.